"The Sofa" is a futuristic construct linking the past with future. The past, with its "prehistoric" elements which found their form in the symbolic tusks (they also keep the whole construction together) and a negligently tossed fur.
Why "The Sofa"? I prefer to call it "The Sofa", because these forms are joined as people who also have their relations, constructions, sometimes very delicate. Apart from the theme of the object already described, the forms symbolicaly stand for relations and their constructions.

        01 backside showing components of the construction

02 At first thought, the backrest might seem a bit unpleseant to be leaned upon, but as you can see, the  sitting area is quite narrow compared to the surface of the backrest, it signifies that the height of the object is above the height of a person sitting on the sofa. It is indeed object of larger proportions with height reaching 134 cm.

The project will be updated with detail views of the components
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