Coffee Machine 01
Coffee Machine 01 is a step far away from today's superautomatic machines. Market, satisfied by the technical advances and user comfort is now ready, or even want's to be pampered not even by the technical possibilities, but even by appealing aesthetics. People no longer want to buy boxes of compact technology, they want an object that will amaze a splendid object to stand in their soundly managed interiors.

This is a proposition of such an object. The choice of superautomatic coffee machine was simple - the processes involved in making the coffee are inspirational in terms of aesthetics and of course, the theme of coffee itself is a lifestyle matter. Coffee is a also a matter of choice, often a mirror of your own ambitions. Coffee is an element that was part of many great events, a favourite drink, a beverage that brings people together. These are the reasons why the coffee machine, in today's possibilities has all qualities to be and outstanding object in any sufficient space.

Coffee Machine 01 consists of two coffee units, symetrical - on the left and right. The only difference is that the left unit is for Arabica and right for Robusta, or other choice (or blends). The object has plenty of room for all the required technology, as it is 700 mm long, 630 mm wide and 400 mm tall. The object is accompanied by a 950 mm tall pedestal, that serves not only as an aesthetic associate of the coffee machine, but also introduces all that is needed or imagined to assist in the process of making a perfect cup of coffee.
The button on the right side of the pedestal that retracts the sliding door into the pillar
The interior of the pedestal hides two sliding cup warmers for the total of twelve cups and the sliding unit for spoons, coffee containers or other equipment.
There is also a drawer (above the sliding door of the pedestal), that hides sliding arms for coffee holders, after sliding out they reveal another two positions for holding cups. There are also containers for sugar or cinnamon. Furthermore, two spoons especially designed for pouring the sugar are also set in the space of the drawer.
Left side of the pedestal offers space for an individual frothing unit and cooling box.
Right side of the pedestal offers a room for ice disposing box, three seperate revolving planes for the total of six whiskey cups and a box that can accomodate two standard size bottles for whiskey, rum or liquor.
Light in the central, electronics element of the machine glows as the coffee is being prepared, the full line on the left means that coffee in the left unit is prepared, while the line on the right shows that the coffe is being prepared
Coffee and milk tubes can retract into the body of the coffee unit while the machine is in the "sleep mode"
isolated rendering of the coffee disposing tube

The Menu

This is a basic layout scheme, that takes you through the most important choices.

left unit selected
following is the choice of the type of coffee, and all the options considering the type of the selected coffee
Choice of customization for user, names and fast choices could be added in this menu
Choice of customization of the machine, cleaning and rinsing cycles, as well as stand-by, hybernating and sleeping regimes could be set in this menu.
Creating the 1:1 model

The model was executed by the master wood modeller Peter Frano in amazing nine days, including colouring and spraying.
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