The Cell Sofa

a biomimetic design
The first inspiration was the structure of amoeba. Aesthetic conceptualisation was to be composed of a strong, uniting element, that would stabilise the unsteady inner elements, which in terms of function represent a comfortable seating part and in means of concept - forms inspired by microstructures - stem cells, for example:

The Corpus of the uniting element (executed in chrome) is breached by two adamant, dynamic components. These strands "extract" from the field of cells, in metaphore, they extract the life (or it's "canon")  from the emerging system of life. The result of such extraction is a complex system, in this case represented by models of Earth and Moon. 
The concept of globes as furniture is very well known and was fancied mainly in the past (for example baroque globes). In this case, globes are both conceptual and functional elements. Not only they can contain beverages and cups, but also participate in completion of concept in terms of process - opening of the globes continually switches on the light sources placed in the quarter spheres under the sofa, and LED lights arranged under the sofa's "cells". The light activation is again metaphorical, as for the light that gives life.

The inner design of the globes is executed in a manner fitting the concept of a primal driving force, which had so many incarnations in philosophy. It is a force without intellect, yet superior to us, therefore its visage in design should be "silent", or in a way, "obscure". The concrete equipment of globes in this iteration is composed of a set of glass cups, that can be appended by a bottle or bottles, that will fit into the central element. This central element comprises of a geometric basin of black colour, that is covered by a smooth, glass basin, which with the underlaying geometric shapes creates interesting refractions.
The resulting aesthetics convey what was said about the "silent" or "obscure".

Support of the globes consists of rhytmical shapes, that expand the aesthetic causation into space and finally, ground it in the roundend tubes, that seem to be flexuous, much as like any living, competing system needs to be.
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