contemporary luxury & high-end product design

Saint, Luxury cognac bottle concept
Aqua Nuova, luxury water bottle concept.
Dorée - luxury perfume atomizer concept.
Amal, luxury perfume packaging concept.
Jaguar X
Crave Vodka, premium vodka packaging concept
Gin Jin, premium gin packaging concept
Ascend champagne bottle concept
Moses, acrylic bench
Bruadarach, luxury whisky packaging concept
Makt, Fenrir, Arcus for Svorn
Serail Powder Tea, packaging concept.
Mercedes I.
Cigar Case I., product design concept
Female Form I.
Leaping Jaguar
VSL I., champagne bucket
MYST Ultra Premium Food - Olive Oil
Whiskey I. - "侍", Japanese themed bottle concept
The Dreamer
Ferrari Concept 2
Barstool I., furniture concept, in dark and light
Ashtray One
Nightshade, lighting concept
Candle Holder II. concept, in dark and light
Chair V., luxury furniture concept
Table I., furniture concept
Locust Lounger, furniture concept
Dive Vodka, luxury packaging concept
Arcus Carabiner, sculptural keyholder for Svorn
Time - The Trophy
Designed Animals, The Lion Sculpture
Beholder Clock, luxury clock concept
Ferrari concept
XC 04, supercar concept
XC 03, supercar concept
XC 02
Wine Carafe V., in dark and light.
Shard, perfume vial concept
Perfume Vial, packaging / product design concept
Serail Perfume Vial
Honey Jar, packaging / product design concept
Cognac II., crystal bottle / packaging concept
Sculptural Objects, Candle Holder
Chair 4 + Vanitas environment
Infusion, packaging / product design concept
Defiance Whiskey
Retail, skincare premium display
She Wolf
Furniture II.
Design concepts, various
MC label proposals
The Birth of Church
Poker Cabinet I.
A Company of Wolves
A∴A∵Perception[s] Supplement № 004
TMRW / KDU / stylizations of the TMRW logo
Design updates / October - November 2011
King's Folly
Valance Chair
Suprême Cognac Bouteille
The Standing Bear Vodka Bottle
Sculpturae & Cubismo Handles
Cathedral Cognac Bottle
Sculpturae Coffee Machine I.
Biomimetic design, The Cell
Sink 01 concept
Table 02
Symposium in Pöchlarn, "The Sitting Figure"
applied cubism 01
Applied typography 03 - the Bust 02
Applied typography 02 - the "O"
The Sofa
Diary of a Designer
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